Ikk dies after being hit with a head that has 0 remaining health or being hit with no head at all.

When Ikk dies, a skull icon will appear on screen along with six gray glyph icons. If Ikk is not revived, a "YOU DIED" message will appear, the game will display the player's score, and the current run will end.


The death screen on a normal run.

Revival Edit

If the player has enough glyphs and presses the jump button enough times, the game will fill the gray glyph icons with purple glyph icons, and will allow the player to revive themselves. After being revived, the player will be taken to a room with Death, their backpack, gun, and head. Players can take these items or reroll them using glyphs. After exiting the room, the player will be taken to the stage they died on. The revival cost starts at 6 glyphs and increases every time a player is revived or reaches a new stage.

Related achievements Edit

Roguelikelikelike Edit

Revive yourself with glyphs.