Heads function as the primary method of health in GoNNER, each containing a set amount of hearts alongside special attributes and abilities. Heads are unlocked through a variety of means, most commonly by progressing through levels and purchasing them from shops. Once a head is obtained, it will appear hanging from under Death's tree, where it can then be equipped and used to start the game with. Shops and tombstones may offer any of the unlocked heads, with the only exception to this being the Poop Head.

Standard; has the highest health of all the heads.
Fires a steady stream of bullets while the firing button is held.
Gear is no longer lost upon taking damage, significantly reducing the amount of time that Ikk remains invulnerable for.
Grants a triple jump. Ikk rotates in the moving direction after double jumping, allowing the player to aim at specific angles. Landing on an enemy or the ground will reset Ikk's rotation.
Allows the player to glide after double jumping by holding jump. Found in the top right part of the World 1 Bonus Stage.
Shifts the hue of the game to shades of brown.
Enemies explode upon dying. Grants immunity to explosive damage.
Increases the player's gravity, doubling jump damage and nullifying the recoil of weapons such as the Shotgun or Scythe.
Triangle head


Reduces the cooldown of active items.