Robot World is the second world you experience. It is notably more difficult than Cave world, as the Ikk now has edges he can fall off of, which instantly kills him regardless of how much health he has.

Geography Edit

Robot World generates islands of various sizes, which the player must navigate without falling. Often times, these islands are close enough you can jump from one to the other without too much difficulty. In the instance of a large space between these islands, a series of disappearing platforms will appear to help connect the gap. These platforms will disappear after touched, then return after a few seconds. Navigating these can be tricky.

One of the annoying aspects of this level is the fact that Drones can spawn incredibly high up in the air, while Trophyturrets can spawn on the underside of the islands. This can make killing all enemies in the level difficult, as the player must be able to maneuver high up in the air (using the Ball, for example) and get under the islands and back up.

Enemies Edit

  • Chickenlegs
  • Drone
  • Rolly
  • Trophyturret

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