Sally Edit

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In GoNNER there is a whale named Sally who helps Ikk on his journey. Sally will appear in-game after you defeat a boss. For the first 2 zones whenever you see Sally she can replenish your missing health and give you one heart container. If you take no damage from the past boss you will get an upgrade to your "clip" instead.

Secrets Edit

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If you are playing with the Teddy Head equipped you can do a triple jump over Sally's eye to go over her head and behind her. When you get behind Sally you can go through a worm to get to a secret level in which you can find the Poo Head.

If you are playing with the Ball backpack equipped you can turn it into a big ball and play catch with sally. After successfully hitting Sally with the ball about 10 times without it hitting the ground it will burst revealing the Ankh.

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All images gathered from 'GoNNER' by 'Art In Heart' (2016)

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