Vampire Bats are a simple flying enemy found mainly in Cave World.

Stats Edit

HP: 2. A direct shotgun blast will instantly kill it, along with a one Scythe swing. Other weapons will take two shots to kill it. Bouncing on it twice will also kill it.

Mobility: Aerial. The Vampire bat is a bat, after all, and it can fly in all directions.

Tactics Edit

The Vampire bat is not that smart. It will notice Ikk and follow him relentlessly, taking the most direct course to his position. The simplest way to kill one is to jump up and let the Vampire Bat get underneath you and jump on his head twice. The position you want to avoid is beneath the Vampire Bat, as it is easy to get trapped and killed.

When encountered in a swarm, it is best to run either left or right, then turning around and unloading everything you got. They should follow and be at ground level, otherwise they should be low enough that jumping should put them in range. Shotgun and Laser work best for this tactic.

When encountered with other enemies, prioritize Vampire bats first. If they get above you, other enemies can block your path, trapping and killing you.

Habitat Edit

Vampire Bats can be found in the following locations.

  • Cave World
  • Secret World 1
  • Secret World 3